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Zurich School Cycling Safety Day

As the operating brand strategy of Zurich Property & Casualty Insurance, E-De International promotes the "Zurich School Bicycle Safety Day" with Zurich's global brand height and cross-industry cooperation, and invites Giant and the Bicycle New Culture Foundation to participate in the event!

Zurich Property & Casualty Insurance has set the theme of Zurich Global Charity Week 2014 as bicycle safety advocacy to reduce the possible risk of bicycle accidents and make cycling a safe and happy thing. Therefore, it has planned to cooperate with Taipei Huaisheng Elementary School on May 30. At the same time, Zurich has also invited Giant and the Bicycle New Culture Foundation to join in the event and promote the Zurich School Bicycle Safety Day.

We planned the activity to be conducted in the form of collecting points at the booths. Before the activity started, each student would receive a passport booklet of the master of the barrier. After participating in each booth activity, they would stamp points on the passport booklet. When they collected 8 points, they would receive the reflective safety strips carefully prepared by Zurich.

In the end, the students gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience in cycling, and happily received the gifts for collecting points. Even the coaches and employees who participated in the event felt the joy. With the guidance and assistance of all professional coaches and enthusiastic employees in Zurich and the enthusiastic participation of all teachers and students of Huaisheng Elementary School, the Zurich School Cycling Safety Day ended successfully!


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