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Netherlands Semiconductor Week

The Netherlands Office in Taiwan held a press conference on behalf of the government at the Netherlands at its Pavilion of SEMICON Taiwan 2023 to strengthen the close relationship between the Netherlands and Taiwan in the semiconductor industry and increase business cooperation opportunities. The event lasted for a week, and for the first time, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs led the Dutch National Semicon Team (Team Semicon NL), consisting of nearly 50 representatives from industry, government, academia and ecosystem partners of the semiconductor industry as well as nine Dutch industry-university-research innovation institutes jointly demonstrated a complete and powerful Dutch semiconductor supply chain.

The Netherlands exerts every effort in promoting scientific and technological research and development, industrial upgrading, and promoting international cooperation in the fields of innovation, technology and science among industry, government, academia and research. The solid scientific research foundation is built on a sound education system. In order to take the lead and actively promote the competitiveness and autonomy of domestic semiconductor research and development, Dutch companies work closely with universities and technical research institutions to form a strong research and development center.


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