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TrendMicro Magic Bus Press Conference

VEDA planned the "Magic VR Bus Launch Press Conference" for Trend Micro, promoting VR applications and bridging the digital educational gap between urban and rural areas, heralding a revolutionary change in learning methods. The Trend Micro team, dedicated to virtual reality (VR) technology research, collaborated with the Taiwan Culture and Education Foundation and the ShanGeng 365 Charity Platform. They invited the renowned astronomer Professor Sun Wei-Hsin to guide the creation of the Magic VR Bus, which carries vast cosmic knowledge. This bus will tour the central and southern counties of Yunlin, Changhua, Nantou, Chiayi, and Tainan, benefiting over 10,000 rural students from 111 schools.

This charitable activity combines VR technology, rural learning, and volunteer teams to address various issues. In media communications, VEDA not only focuses on technology and industry but also invites stakeholders from charity and education sectors, presenting a positive brand image of Trend Micro's commitment to rural education. The event brought the Magic VR Bus into campuses, allowing media and students to experience a 4.5 billion-kilometer journey through the vast universe firsthand, helping the media understand the transformation in digital education and the efforts of Trend Micro and its partners.

The Magic Bus integrates VR technology with education, offering an astonishing experiential journey.


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