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Synopsys Launches Copilot and Expands Its ARC® Processor IP Portfolio

Synopsys has announced the expansion of its ARC® processor IP portfolio, including the new RISC-V ARC-V™ processor IP, allowing customers to choose from a variety of flexible and scalable processor options to provide ideal power-performance efficiency for their target applications. Synopsys has applied decades of experience in processor IP and software tool development kits and developed the new ARC-V processor IP based on Synopsys' proven ARC processor microarchitecture, with the added benefit of the growing RISC-V software ecosystem.

Synopsys announced the launch of Copilot, which accelerates chip design with breakthrough generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) performance. This new product is the result of a strategic collaboration between Synopsys and Microsoft. By integrating Azure OpenAI services, the capabilities of GenAI are introduced into the semiconductor design flow to address the challenges of increasingly complex chip design engineering.


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