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Star Dreams: Eden Circle Project

"Inspiring the Future" is the spirit and vision of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan's CSR. We help them, under the name of "Star Dreams", to support disadvantaged children and talented young people in the two major aspects of "social welfare" and "environmental protection", encourage the next generation to start the dream engine, and develop local ecological restoration plans to create the world's first "Mercedes Formosa Forest" with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality. We also plan to use this park for educational purposes to set an example for the next generation. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, which has long cared about the society and is committed to practicing corporate social responsibility, was ranked fourth among foreign companies in the 2015 Top 100 "Corporate Citizens" organized by CommonWealth Magazine. This is undoubtedly a recognition of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan's efforts in social responsibility and business strategies, and is also the best affirmation of being an important driving force behind the company.

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