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Neogence Overseas Cosmetics Market Research Project

Assisting clients to conduct overseas beauty product market research through the use of digital marketing tools, across national borders, can help them to see the local market's interest and acceptance of the product at a relatively low cost in the early stages of investment in unfamiliar markets. This is a good way to explore unfamiliar markets.

[Preliminary work] Assist the model to shoot amateur videos, and arrange the target countries for each language according to the client's specified language, and arrange beauty products suitable for the local climate for different countries

[Market exploration] After the video is shot, we conduct market exploration with YouTube advertising to test the local market acceptance. We specially select the top 5 cities in each country with a specified language to place advertisements, compare them with each other and gradually optimize them. We also compare the data of each country with each other to help customers compare the acceptance of products in each country and city market.


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