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Magi Planet Breeze Taipei Main Station Store Opening Press Conference

E-Tec International planned and created the opening press conference for Magi Planet (formerly Planet Workshop) after its brand reshaping. The event was designed with the theme of "breakthrough, innovation, creativity, quality, and joy" as the "Magi Planet Brand Spirit Show". The main production process of popcorn, "stirring, frying, and bagging", was integrated into the "popcorn dance" for a lively opening, successfully highlighting its brand slogan "Everything is POPssible Delicious, never limit" and the characteristics of the product's innovative flavors. On the same day, a ribbon was cut in front of the store with product shapes to create a joyful opening atmosphere. At the same time, nine new products were launched, introduced on site, and provided for media and consumers to taste. The event was lively.

During the interactive conversation between Magi Planet's CEO and the event guests, concise but brilliant dialogue was specially designed to bring out the brand's spiritual concept, the features of the nine new products, and the high-quality packaging that is suitable as the best souvenirs.

The design used the product's unique textured packaging as a ribbon-cutting gesture, and the event guests joyfully cut the ribbon in front of the store. The lively opening scene attracted the attention of the media and many consumers on site.


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