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KIA New Car Media Test Drive Event

With its expertise as a public relations consultant, YD International approached the issue from a PR strategy perspective and tailored the test drive plan based on the features of the vehicle model, presenting every detail and content of the complete product features of KIA Carens to the media friends attending the event!

Under the pressure of other competitors in the market, E-Tec International hopes to help KIA Carens communicate issues that are closer to the characteristics of the car model. Therefore, we plan this series of test drive activities from the perspective of car owners, packaging it into a free journey for the family, hoping to bring the media a new and different test drive experience. In terms of itinerary arrangement, we combined the recent hot topic of SUVs - camping, to plan a suitable route. The media can experience the fun of Carens' outings on the mountain trails in Miaoli. With the hard work and active efforts of E-Tec International, the event can be stationed in the famous camping resort Laoguan Road during the week, creating a leisurely time for the whole family to have a happy meal on such a wide grassland. In addition, we also use Hsinchu and Taichung as cross-level accommodation locations to expand more different scenes for media shooting, so that both the mountain and sea views can be satisfied.

During the two-day and one-night media test drive event, the dinner is the best opportunity for car dealers and media to interact. In particular, how to create an event that the owners will enjoy is even more important. With more than ten years of experience in organizing test drive events, E-D International is more aware that the dinner event will be the key to the test drive itinerary. In the face of the fact that the automotive media have participated in countless test drive events, E-D International jumped out of the thinking of the car line media and boldly tried cross-border integration by cooperating with Microsoft's Xbox One and using Xbox One's Forza 360, which focuses on real experience. 5 game, allowing the media to participate in virtual races with KIA models in the game. On the real track, we believe that each media's driving skills are absolutely top-notch, but the game experience is a brand new experience for the media, and it also successfully allowed the media to experience a unique test drive experience. The planning of various activities has successfully prompted the media to convey the message that KIA wants to impress car owners. The subsequent media exposure was very good, and the media friends also unanimously agreed and gave good reviews. The successful holding of this event has also further improved the media friends' favorability and trust in the brand.


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