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Huiye COZY FIT Rhythm Machine 2.0 Hot Sales Celebration Press Conference

Huiye, the market-leading brand of massage chairs, has launched the "COZY FIT Massage Chair" and the upgraded heated model "COZY FIT Massage Chair 2.0", which have achieved sales of over 70,000 units in one year and won the sales championship in the massage chair category on the e-commerce leader MOMO shopping network. At the press conference, it was announced that it would launch another preferential plan in conjunction with the Mother's Day period. Go to Huiye stores and department store counters to purchase the Massage Chair 2.0 at a preferential filial piety price of NT$16,800, and get a limited edition graphene bamboo charcoal knee pad (market price: $1,680) as a gift, so that mothers can maintain bone health! The "Gravity White" textured color system is also launched to provide everyone with new color choices. The high-quality spokesperson for "COZY FIT Rhythm Machine", Ren Xianqi, also continues to serve as the rhythm ambassador and launches the second image advertisement, transforming into "Ren Daxia" to show off his light skills and display his soft and Q knees, vitality and healthy muscle strength!

In order to strengthen the brand and product image, Yide planned interesting interactive bridges, doctor platforms, experience areas, etc. in the press conference to create news points and enhance credibility. It also set topics and issued press releases in the follow-up to keep the topic hot.

Doctor Testimony Platform

Experience Area


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