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HP's 40th Anniversary in Taiwan Thanksgiving Celebration Press Conference and Dinner

To celebrate HP's 40th anniversary in Taiwan, a Thanksgiving dinner was organized to deepen the connection and interaction between HP and its business partners. Important partners in Taiwan's information industry were invited to gather and congratulate. Important heads of ministries such as Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Shih Yen-hsiang and Director of the Environmental Protection Administration Mr. Shen Shih-hung also attended to pay their respects. The Ministry of Economic Affairs also specially awarded the Industry Outstanding Contribution Award to recognize HP's outstanding contribution to the industry in Taiwan over the past 40 years. HP's global CEO Mark Hurd also specially produced a congratulatory video; President of Asia Pacific and Japan Fu Biao-bang also explained on site the pragmatic new strategy of adding value through action innovation in the future to actively realize the dreams of customers. The dinner attracted more than 40 media attendees and created great public relations benefits, further deepening the connection and interaction with corporate partners.


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