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Future Autonomous Car F015 Taipei Pop-up Tour

YD PR is a long-term partner of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, providing professional public relations consulting services to the local automotive industry in Taiwan. YD PR also fully understands the position of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan in the automotive industry. At the end of 2015, YD PR built the Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in When Motion came to Taiwan, it created an unprecedented grand publicity event from the perspective of an industry leader. Through the smart transportation that the government is eager to promote, it then cooperated with the Taipei City Government's Tourism and Information Bureau. After appearing in world-class cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Hong Kong, it arranged the world's first real-world tour and filmed a promotional video, focusing global attention on Taipei and sparking heated discussions. It attracted 60 print and online media to compete for filming, and as many as 21 television media appeared to report on it. In just one week, the cumulative advertising benefits reached nearly 30 million, successfully demonstrating the corporate mission of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan to deepen its roots in Taiwan and create an extremely smart future, and pushing it to new heights.


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