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Far Eastern Bank x Eden Foundation "Love in Every Moment" Charity Event Launch Press Conference

In order to support early childhood education and help more slow-flying angels grow up safely, Far Eastern Commercial Bank and its long-term charity partner Eden Foundation held a press conference to launch the "Love in a Raise of Hand" charity event on November 3, 2022, launching the first interactive donation device in Taiwan. With Far Eastern SOGO Taipei Zhongxiao Branch as the first stop, it is planned to tour Hsinchu, Taichung, and New Taipei to carry out a love relay. Just insert a credit card and the donation can be completed in just 15 seconds. Artist Huang Xiaorou was invited to serve as a charity ambassador to demonstrate interactive donations on site, and the well-known pediatrician Dr. Youzi Chen Murong shared the importance of early childhood education. It is hoped that more people will pay attention to the issue of early childhood education and support slow-flying angels with love.

Zhide Public Relations assisted in planning the press conference, invited doctors to speak on the stage, public welfare ambassadors to interact with the donation machine, and arranged a cross-line media promotion plan; to cooperate with the donation machine tour, KOCs in each tour area were invited in batches to promote the event on social networks, and their influence kept the topic hot.

Far Eastern Commercial Bank and Eden Foundation jointly launched the first interactive donation device in Taiwan. Far Eastern Commercial Bank General Manager Zhou Tiancai (second from right), Executive Vice President Lin Jianzhong (first from left), and Personal Finance Business Group Vice President Zhang Xiaoqian took a group photo.

Host Yang Qianpei and charity ambassador Huang Xiaorou shared their parenting experiences from a mother's perspective. In particular, as a mother of three children, Huang Xiaorou said that she could empathize with the fact that taking care of slow-flying angels requires more patience and love, and that she understands that the encouragement and support needed by slow-flying angel families is even more important.


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