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"Bonaqua Yi Yang" New Product Launch Press Conference

For many years, Coca-Cola has been committed to integrating the concept of sustainability into its business operations, promoting it from the three major aspects of "environment", "products" and "us", and going all out for environmental sustainability. It has launched a new bottled water brand "bonaqua Yi Yang", which is the first "label-free single-bottle sales" alkaline ion water on the Taiwanese market. Through unique packaging innovation, product information is directly engraved on the bottle. The lack of labels makes recycling more convenient, allowing Taiwanese consumers to have a more visionary new sustainable choice when buying bottled water.

Zhide Public Relations unified the theme and message of the event, and carried out online and offline activities for the new product launch. Through band-based operations, KOCs were invited to promote the product in the early stage, and word-of-mouth marketing was used to increase the volume and favorability; after the product was released, sustainable event cooperation was planned to strengthen the product advantages.

In 2018, Coca-Cola announced its "World Without Waste" vision. Implementing packaging innovation and developing more environmentally friendly product packaging is one of the key practices to realize this vision.

Coca-Cola Taiwan General Manager Chen Zhengfeng and brand ambassador Gui Lunmei


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