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ARTC Taiwan's first self-developed, self-made, self-driving minibus WinBus launch event

With support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Technology Office, the Automotive Research and Testing Center (ARTC) has linked up with the industry to create the MIT self-driving electric minibus - WinBus. It was unveiled in August in the presence of Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Rongjin and industry guests, fully demonstrating to the public the high level of Taiwan's self-driving research talent and the solid strength of Taiwan's national team in the industrial supply chain.

Yide planned a press conference for WinBus that combined indoor and outdoor activities. Through the debut of the self-driving car, it shared with the public the excellent results of Taiwan's first self-driving minibus that was developed from scratch! It successfully created and enhanced the positive environment voice such as "Taiwan's automobile industry upgrade" and "Taiwan's self-driving car technology advantages".


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