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The only one in Asia Pacific! CSRone Net Zero Coaching Strategy has been recognized internationally and won Taiwan’s first Sustainability Consulting Award

Environment Analyst, an international environmental think tank focusing on global environmental analysis and strategic solutions, officially announced the results of the "Sustainability Consulting Awards 2023" on June 28 (Wednesday) in Chicago, USA. The CSRone team won the "Net Zero Accelerator Award-SMEs" award, becoming the only professional sustainability counseling unit in Asia Pacific and the first in Taiwan to receive this honor.

After CSRone won the "Most Pioneering CSR Support Enterprise 2023 – Taiwan" award from the international authoritative media "Wealth & Finance International" in May this year, it once again stood out from more than 50 world-renowned consulting firms with its many years of professional experience in accompanying and guiding clients and its industry scale influence. Amidst warm applause at the award ceremony, Kyra Woods, Climate and Energy Policy Advisor at the City of Chicago's Office of Climate and Environmental Equity, said when presenting the award that the judges highly recognized the CSRone team's outstanding performance in driving corporate organizational transformation and finding and providing solutions to help organizations achieve net-zero climate commitments.

The pressure of institutional regulations issued globally is increasing day by day, and most corporate organizations around the world are "at a loss" in the issue of net-zero transformation. On the one hand, it is difficult to find suitable internal talents to solve the problems due to the intertwined and multi-dimensional test questions covering the three major sustainable fields of environment, society, and economic governance. On the other hand, in order to respond to these urgent and fast requirements and regulations as soon as possible, they are trapped in the dilemma of "rushing to get things done". Corporate organizations urgently need a "coaching team" with abundant knowledge and experience in sustainable development, including environment, economy, and organizational management and governance, to provide appropriate business transformation strategies and solutions.

The international environmental think tank Environment Analyst holds the Sustainability Consulting Awards every year to recognize consulting firms that have provided strategic solutions for climate transition and achieved great and practical success. At the same time, it breaks away from the past practice of awarding awards to a single company and publicly shares consultants' strategic thinking and solutions in the field of sustainability issues, encouraging corporate organizations to review their own risk issues and practices from another perspective.

As Taiwan's most influential sustainability consulting firm, CSRone has successfully accompanied dozens of well-known corporate organizations in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region, including finance, oil, chemicals, healthcare, retail, and technology, in their journey towards the "net-zero transformation goal" over the past few years, and achieved benefits in business strategy and goal setting through comprehensive risk issue identification, a coaching mechanism composed of a team with diverse backgrounds, and appropriate methods and tools.

"As a consulting firm focused on providing sustainable advice to corporate organizations, I am very pleased to receive this recognition at a time when the world is in urgent need of solutions to climate change and net-zero transition." CSRone founder and general manager Yan Defen said that the promotion of net-zero transition requires the efforts of people with different professional backgrounds, skills and roles. The core of the existence of consulting firms is to inject diverse perspectives and viewpoints into corporate organizations, expand the breadth of business perspectives, and deepen the depth of strategic actions.

Consultant’s Insight: Avoid Blindly Following the Trend! Five Key Cores of Net Zero Transformation: Identify, Measure, Set, Transparent, Lead

"We have entered an era of 'system crisis' and organizational transformation is inevitable. The timeline for the global net-zero emissions target is very clear, and the sustainable transformation of corporate organizations is accelerating the reversal of past traditional business models." CSRone Director Chen Jianyou, who was invited to the awards ceremony in Chicago, pointed out that in order to accelerate the effective net-zero transformation of corporate organizations, five key cores were proposed for reference.

【Identification】With limited resources, focus on climate risks that “actually” affect the core operations of enterprises

As the trend of sustainable development rises, various risk issues are springing up. To prevent companies from getting lost in the ESG Alphabet soup and losing focus on the projects that need to be managed first, Chen Jianyou reminds companies to focus on key issues and set goals and management, which are absolutely important links in the sustainable management of corporate organizations.

【Measurement】Regular tracking to drive the best decision with metrics data

It is recommended that in addition to regularly paying attention to the collection of information data, operating units should also focus on "data quality", set up working groups with specific goals, and incorporate net zero initiatives and performance into the scope of optimization, so that related strategies can have a basis to drive the best decisions.

【Settings】Vision setting, confirming the net zero push mode and setting ambitious goals

Compared with the sustainability commitments, declarations and press releases on paper, stakeholders are more concerned about how the issues are properly managed and what substantive actions are taken to mitigate the impact and create positive impacts. Therefore, corporate organizations set clear short-, medium- and long-term quantitative goals, which can encourage the internal organization to promote or initiate relevant actions in a clear direction and can communicate more effectively with the outside world.

【Transparency】Information disclosure, regular public progress report and open feedback

Working behind closed doors is not a good way to implement the net-zero transformation. Publicly disclosing the results of the promotion and generously collecting feedback for internal optimization and review can effectively help the organization avoid operational blind spots . However, during the team counseling process led by Chen Jianyou, it was also believed that the transparent information disclosed publicly does not refer to the much-publicized marketing propaganda, but rather information that "emphasizes facts (Verification)" and "balanced reporting (Balance)".

【Leading】Initiating value chain, establishing supply chain flexibility and expanding influence outward

In the process of promoting climate strategy, the negotiation, communication and actions of corporate organizations in Category 3 will be the key link affecting the success of the net-zero transformation goal. To this end, it is recommended to gradually strengthen the negotiation with suppliers and contractors, drive the most critical operating partners in the value chain, and at the same time as giving back their own emission reduction benefits, they can also expand their influence and be closer to the vision of sustainable development goals such as social prosperity.


CSRone Sustainability Think Tank

In 2013, E-Tech International launched Taiwan's first Chinese sustainable information convergence platform CSRone (, sharing the world's most comprehensive sustainable knowledge and information, analyzing and integrating Taiwan's overall sustainable ESG disclosure information and the Asia-Pacific region's Top 10 performance evaluation, and publishing analysis results and sharing the latest global sustainable ESG trends in March each year. It is the most watched Chinese sustainable think tank in the Asia-Pacific region. CSRone is also committed to matching domestic and foreign resources, cultivating talents, connecting international cooperation, and developing sustainable tools and courses, in order to help companies and institutions accelerate growth in the field of sustainability and achieve the goal of economic, environmental, and social balance for mankind.

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