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Good news! CSRone has achieved success in 10 years, and its sustainable transformation business strategy has been recognized by the British media

CSRone has been successful in promoting sustainable business strategy solutions. The international authoritative media "Wealth & Finance International" recently announced the winners of the "Ethical Finance Awards 2023". Among them, CSRone Sustainability Think Tank, relying on its years of professional counseling experience and influence, became the first sustainable professional counseling unit in Taiwan to win the honor of "Taiwan's Most Pioneering CSR Support Enterprise 2023 - Taiwan". This move not only shows Taiwan's outstanding achievements in the sustainable consulting industry, but also highlights that CSRone is a think tank that provides excellent solutions for corporate organizations.

The impacts of climate change and global warming have become a common challenge facing humanity. In recent years, due to the frequent emergence of crises such as energy and resource shortages, food crises, ecological damage, geopolitics, and supply chain crises, "sustainable development" has become the best path and opportunity for global corporate organizations to respond to operational risks and explore new business models and markets. Financial institutions support the operation of the current and future global market system, and play a proactive and positive key role in achieving climate change.

To this end, the global financial magazine "Wealth & Finance International" holds the "Ethical Finance Awards" every year to recognize corporate organizations that have demonstrated "ethical leadership, innovation and influence" in the financial and related industries. To ensure fairness and objectivity, the award selection process adopts a public voting and expert review and discussion method to decide the winner of the year. This year's industry scope covers banking, insurance, investment, financial planning and consulting units.

Non-financial limited liability! Sustainable and ethical investing aims to integrate and expand the sustainable ecosystem

As a key player in the global supply chain, Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission officially released the "Green Finance Action Plan 3.0" in September 2022. Through five major key points, including "Carbon Inventory of Financial Institutions", "Climate Risk Management", "Guidelines for the Recognition of Sustainable Economic Activities", "Promoting the Integration of ESG and Climate-Related Information" and "Strengthening Professional Training in Sustainable Finance", it aims to accelerate the sustainable transformation of Taiwan's financial and related industries, and respond to the expectations of global capital markets and diverse stakeholders for corporate organizations to perform in sustainable operations and ethics.

Faced with increasingly stringent institutional regulations and operational pressures, Taiwanese corporate organizations urgently need a "think tank" with rich ESG knowledge and experience covering the environment, economy, organizational management and governance to provide appropriate business transformation strategies and solutions. As Taiwan's most influential sustainability consulting firm, CSRone has successfully accompanied dozens of well-known corporate organizations in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region in the past few years, across the financial, petroleum, chemical, medical, retail technology and other industries, through a complete risk identification and counseling system, as well as appropriate methods and tools, to move towards sustainability, and help improve the quality of their ESG information disclosure and achieve business strategy and goal setting benefits.

" Sustainable investment and ethical finance are not topics exclusive to the financial industry, but are the core anchors that guide all industries towards sustainable development goals. " CSRone Director Chen Jianyou pointed out that from the perspective of strategic consultants, sustainable finance is not a single issue, but an integrated ecosystem jointly established by financial institutions, corporate organizations, government agencies, and investors. By controlling funds, formulating financial-related policies and regulations such as capital flow input and release, it promotes the business operation transformation of corporate organizations.

As a provider of "business strategy solutions" and "sustainable knowledge management", CSRone plays the role of "coach" in this integrated ecosystem. Through international and industry trend analysis, business and climate strategy goal setting, and stakeholder consultation, it enables the operation of this system to move more steadily towards sustainable development goals.

"We are very honored to receive this international recognition, which is the best testimony to our dedication to sustainable strategy and consulting work over the past years." CSRone founder and general manager Yan Defen said that sustainable finance has become an important proposition for the business management of various organizations, and is also one of the important ways to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "For CRSone, more and more challenging work has just begun." Yan Defen promised that in the future, the consulting team of CSRone Sustainable Think Tank will continue to use the professional experience of "data driven" and "value creation" in the two major aspects to accompany more corporate organizations to join this global sustainable wave and create greater social and business value.


CSRone Sustainability Think Tank

In 2013, E-Tec launched Taiwan's first Chinese sustainable information platform, CSRone ( ), to share the world's most comprehensive sustainable knowledge and information, analyze and integrate Taiwan's overall sustainable ESG disclosure information and the Asia-Pacific region's Top 10 performance evaluation, and publish analysis results and share the latest global sustainable ESG trends in March each year. It is the most watched Chinese sustainable think tank in the Asia-Pacific region. CSRone is also committed to matching domestic and foreign resources, cultivating talents, connecting international cooperation, and developing sustainable tools and courses, in order to help companies and institutions accelerate growth in the field of sustainability and achieve the goal of economic, environmental, and social balance for mankind.

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