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RE10x10 Manifesto

Purchasing Green Electricity and the Climate Declaration

In 2020, YI-TECH participated in the RE 10x10 Climate Declaration initiated by Greenpeace, pledging to use more than 10% of total electricity consumption from green electricity by 2025. It is one of the first 14 small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan to sign the declaration. By participating in global climate action and making early arrangements for sustainable development, it is taking steps to respond to the risks brought about by climate change. After experiencing changes due to the epidemic, Yide started purchasing solar green electricity in August 2022, and purchased a total of 7,408 kWh in 2022, accounting for 12.9% of the total electricity consumption in that year, and achieved the commitment in 2022 ahead of schedule! We will continue to "energy saving" and "energy purchasing" simultaneously, reduce energy consumption from daily operations, and look forward to increasing the proportion of green electricity purchased year by year, fulfilling the global carbon reduction initiative and the determination to use green energy.


Conservation and management of natural resources

Yide implements its social responsibility through three major action strategies: "natural resource utilization and efficiency management", "promoting green transportation" and "green procurement".

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