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Sustainable Governance

The Yide Group focuses on communication and exchange with stakeholders, so it interacts with different stakeholders through multiple channels. It also analyzes and understands the issues and needs of stakeholders, which serves as the foundation for the Yide Group to practice corporate social responsibility.

Yide Business Group Value Chain

With the development direction of "professional x international x humanistic x sustainable x innovative", Yide Group regards itself as a communication expert in the public relations service industry. Rich knowledge and communication skills are the core values of Yide. Different from traditional manufacturing, our value chain is centered on "people" and creates different values at every stage.


Sustainable Strategy

For many years, the Yide Group has set sustainability issues and related matters as the highest management principle. The company's highest purpose "Yi Chong Tian De" reflects our core sustainable spirit. In the issue of sustainability, by analyzing major topics and listing management guidelines, the strategy focuses on three major directions: talent selection and training, digital enhancement and integration, and business model innovation, and develops them into short-, medium- and long-term goals. In the changing environment, we continue to drive operations with digital and sustainable service solutions, and actively develop sustainable talent selection and training. Looking forward to the future, Yide will have a place in the world knowledge service market and reach the Asia-Pacific benchmark in all aspects of ESG.


Stakeholder Identification Process

The report writing principles refer to the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES), and construct the process of engagement between E-Tec and various stakeholders through the five principles of dependency, responsibility, tension, influence, and diverse perspectives. In addition, we further review the impact of E-Tec's business activities on the external economy, environment, and society based on global sustainability trends and corporate operation and development goals, collect stakeholders' opinions through different communication channels, and respond.


Stakeholder Communication Channels

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Major Theme Identification Process

Yide identified 8 major stakeholders based on AA1000 SES, and formulated major issues based on global sustainability trends, Yide's business strategy and internal and external interview results. Major issue analysis is conducted every 2 years. In 2022, Yide followed the 4 stages recommended by GRI 3 - understanding the organizational context, identifying actual and potential impacts, assessing the significance of impacts, and reporting on significant issues, maintaining close interaction with stakeholders, and continuously managing major sustainability topics.


Major Themes

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