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Digital Marketing +
PR Consultation

We use multi-faceted digital marketing tools to help clients plan marketing activities with a more comprehensive mindset, listen to the real voice of consumers through the social media, become familiar with various digital and social tools, break the traditional marketing perspective, and use word of mouth and digitalization to expand market possibilities.

Through social media operations, from listening to the community, analyzing the community, and speaking out the community, more brand voice can be generated in the market, complementing traditional public relations operations.

  • Helping companies understand customers’ real needs from social media

  • Create a positive and beneficial social communication effect for the enterprise

  • Use social media to grasp key information and analyze topic trends

  • Corporate Crisis Management on Social Media

  • Social Media Communication Courses and Workshops

LINE Taiwan – Digital Liability Plan

  • CSR Project Planning

  • CSR Axis Planning

  • CSR Strategy Workshop

  • LINE internal training

  • Project strategies and suggestions

LINE Taiwan – Digital Mortgage Plan .png
LINE Taiwan – Digital Mortgage Plan-1.png
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