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Corporate Vision

The Yide International Group has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for more than 30 years, and is committed to tailoring brand public relations strategies, digital marketing, ESG sustainability consulting, ESG communication, and other public relations, ESG sustainability strategy consulting and services for enterprises. We continue to break through innovation and pursue excellence. In 2016, Yide Public Relations was the first company in Taiwan to pass the "ISO20121" certification, and it was also the first communication consulting service company in Taiwan to receive the ESG international award. Through continuous progress, we hope to set a new benchmark for the public relations and ESG consulting industry. Yide Group includes: Yide International, Zhide International, CSRone Sustainable Think Tank, and Sustainable Life and Art Platform.

"The 'Yi' in Yide International is a hexagram from the 'Book of Changes', a book of life wisdom in Chinese culture. It is closely related to verbal communication and has the meaning of nourishment. Therefore, we took its meaning as the name. We hope to provide professional services for perfect communication for our clients and partners based on truth, goodness and beauty."

Veda International's English name "Veda" refers to "pure knowledge" and "eternal wisdom" in Sanskrit, the oldest language of mankind. Over the past 30 years, Veda International has also been upholding a sincere service attitude and establishing professional knowledge communication and transmission with customers and partners, hoping to use information that is beneficial to the body and mind and conducive to work and life to establish the most effective interaction and relationship between the market and target groups.

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