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Mobile Office

Breaking away from the three-dimensional framework, the mobile office turns into an easy & pleasant space

Mobile Office can greatly improve the use of space and time. Therefore, the new office has a smaller floor space and the space cost is relatively reduced. Colleagues can flexibly choose to work from home two days a week, which reduces the time, energy and money spent on commuting, and further greatly improves the benefits of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Except for a few administrative and management colleagues who still retain fixed seats due to the nature of their work, the rest do not have fixed office spaces, breaking the past work style of one person in one cube, buried in the desk. Colleagues can choose a bar by the window, a corner of the conference room, a sofa area, or squeeze themselves back into a cube according to the time they enter the office, their mood at the time, and their work needs.


The PR industry is known for its busy and team-centric work model. Interaction, communication and learning between teams are often the direction of managers' efforts. This type of work can make members of the same team closer and allow members of different teams to have more diverse contacts. Of course, such a change will also bring many challenges, such as: upgrading the information and communication system, team management, self-discipline of colleagues, convenience of remote work, etc. But with time and proper attention, harmony and habits will gradually be cultivated.


In addition to abundant and pure sunlight, air, water, and green plants, simple and neat lines and symbols of cultural spirit are also key elements of this humanistic space. Next, many considerate and in-depth software and thoughts are the true spirits tempered by all Yide colleagues when practicing CSR. We look forward to creating an organic and free environment to breed a better working environment.

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