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ESG Communications

As ESG sustainability is a hot topic globally, the government is also actively promoting corporate sustainability-related laws. Sustainability communication within and outside the company has generated many challenges in the rapid changes. Faced with the vast and profound professional knowledge of sustainability, it is difficult to grasp the key points of sustainable communication. ESG Com hopes to accurately communicate sustainability within and outside the company, and exert and strengthen brand influence.


Build a sustainable communication strategy

Sustainable communication strategy planning and effectiveness review Sustainable strategy map planning
​Stakeholder identification, sustainable communication issues identification/ design sustainability and brand image building


Enterprise Diagnosis and Strategic Planning

Internal integrated sustainability planning, sustainable communication education and training, internal sustainability indicator establishment and management, sustainable consensus workshop planning/implementation


External sustainable communication strategy and planning

External stakeholder communication and negotiation Domestic and foreign media communication strategy Negative public opinion handling and crisis communication management Sustainable partnership establishment and maintenance Management Sustainable awards and evaluation

2023 VEDA / CSRone Award Record

Taiwan's Most Sustainable Pioneer Counseling Enterprise 2023

With its years of professional counseling experience and influence, CSRone Sustainability Think Tank has become the first professional sustainability counseling organization in Taiwan to win the honor of "Most Pioneering CSR Support Enterprise 2023 – Taiwan".

Taiwan's Most Sustainable Pioneer Counseling Enterprise 2023.jpg

2023 Global Sustainability Consulting Award

The only one in Asia Pacific! The CSRone team won the Net Zero Accelerator Award-SMEs in one fell swoop. With years of professional experience in accompanying and guiding clients and industry scale influence, the team stood out from more than 50 world-renowned consulting firms.

2023 Global Sustainability Consulting Award .jpg
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