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Major Milestones


Established VEDA International Co., Ltd.


Established Zhide International Co., Ltd.


CSRone Sustainability Think Tank Platform Launched


Founded Gita.Art, a sustainable art platform

Guam Tourism Bureau upgraded to Taiwan Office


Awarded Ethical & Finance and

Net Zero Acceleration wins two international awards

Annual Records


  • VEDA new official website is online


  • "CSRone Sustainability Think Tank" won the Most Pioneering CSR Support Enterprise 2023 – Taiwan

  • CSRone team wins the Net Zero Accelerator Award-SMEs 2023


  • Founded Gita.Art, a sustainable art platform

  • Guam Tourism Bureau upgraded to Taiwan Office


  • CSRone Sustainability Reporting Platform Becomes Global CEO Alliance

  • CECP's first strategic partner in Taiwan


  • Established Visual Information Communication Department

  • The first public relations company in Taiwan to pass the "ISO20121" certification


  • Mobile public relations operation system officially launched

  • 50 employees

  • Private cinema "A Shade of Mist" - Falling 2, a conversation with director Li Gang


  • VEDA International and its colleagues jointly support the domestic film KANO

  • Expand media and public relations services for the arts, culture and creative industries, and assist ART TAIPEI 2014 with domestic and international media and marketing matters

  • In order to help Taiwan's underrepresented culture and enhance the knowledge of colleagues in the cultural and creative industries, the first cultural tour and proposal competition was held.


  • Established CSRoneReporting sustainable reporting platform

  • Won the TIPRA CSR Gold Award (Taiwan Mercedes-Benz) Star Dream Program and the CSR Bronze Award (Taiwan Epson) Green Collar Elite Program

  • Participated in the preparation of the Shin Kong Security Sustainability Report and won the Annual Sustainability Report Award


  • Completed global service network with Oxygen Network in Europe, Chungai in Japan, Ruderfinn in Asia Pacific, e21 in China, etc.

  • Write complete CSR reports for companies (eg UMC, Trend Micro)


  • Start mobile office

  • Moved to the current address at Xinyi Road Section 3

  • Won the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Small and Medium Enterprise CSR Excellent Enterprise Award


  • Appointed by the Guam Tourism Bureau of the United States as the Taiwan representative of the Guam Tourism Bureau

  • Begin to integrate public relations resources from around the world and establish a global service network

  • Organized and held the first online virtual exhibition for Computex on the 6Connex platform


  • Completed the first CSR report within Yide

  • The Yide Tongxin Corporate Social Responsibility Network was established


  • Helped Taiwan's ICT industry win the Best Booth at WCIT2008 in Kuala Lumpur

  • Helped Taoyuan County win the ICF 2009 International Smart City Innovation Award

  • Assisted UL in hosting UL Cross-Strait Technology Seminars in Japan and Malaysia

  • Received guidance from the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop a CSR KM platform


  • Planned and organized a series of activities for Microsoft Taiwan to launch the Chinese version of Windows Vista and the Chinese version of Office 2007

  • Entering the real estate industry public relations services

  • Assisted in hosting the launch event for the Chinese version of Adobe Creative Suite 3. More than 1,200 enthusiastic participants packed the venue.

  • Initiate internal learning of cultural orientation and humanistic innovation to develop a new business model of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


  • Moved to Dunhua South Road Section 2

  • Assisted the Taipei City Government to win the 2006 ICF International Smart City: Intelligent Community of the Year

  • Assisted in organizing Foxconn's "Everyone is a Hero" project at Computex, successfully integrating Taipei City Government, Taipei World Expo, Computex, participating technology companies, artist Jimmy Liao, etc.


  • Assisted in planning and organizing MSN Messenger support frontline activities and invited Mayor Ma Ying-jeou to conduct demonstrations, which were packed with people.

  • Planned and organized the launch event for the Chinese version of Windows XP Media Center Edition for Microsoft Taiwan


  • Planned the successful Windows XP launch program for Microsoft Taiwan

  • Entered the semiconductor industry public relations service

  • Introducing life and culture learning courses


  • Expanded office space, with 40 employees

  • Established ELC activities and logistics support department to strengthen project operations and provide complete services


  • Entering the tourism industry, integrating technology and consumer public relations operations, including video games, portal websites, etc.

  • Established affiliated company Zhide International Co., Ltd.

  • Established a joint venture with e21 in Hong Kong – Atma International Corp.


  • Established a knowledge management department to provide ePR services

  • Hosted the WCIT2000 World Information Conference, which is still an unprecedented milestone in Taiwan's technology and international activities.

  • Developing media and public relations services for the automotive industry

  • Signed a contract with the Palau government to become the Palau Tourism Bureau's office in China, entering the tourism industry

  • Alliance with e21 and Upstreams Asia in Asia Pacific


  • Technology PR expanded to become the main business

  • Introduced industry BPR (Business Process Re-engineering), carried out business process transformation and started the construction of project management system


  • Hosted the 2nd APEC Technomart promotion and APEC member economies’ investment promotion and exhibition, serving as the focal point of APEC. It is still the largest APEC event held in Taiwan.


  • Officially entered the technology industry public relations service field, serving HP Technology and Microsoft Taiwan


  • Focusing on sports marketing and public relations, he successfully established the brand and reputation for the Chinese professional basketball team.


  • Yide was established to practice Yide in work

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