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Executive & Teams


Tsai Ming-Shun

  • Co-founder and Chairman of VEDA International Group.

  • Lead the company's vision and development strategy.

  • In practice, he is mainly responsible for maintaining organizational culture, business model innovation, human resource development and financial planning.

President & CEO
Gennie Yen

Current position:

President of VEDA International and Founder of CSRone Intelligence Platform

Co-chair of ECCT Sustainability & Community Engagement

Board Director of BCSD Taiwan

Vision and Mission:

Integrating communication and sustainable expertise to help corporates and organizations realize their communication and engagement goals in public relations & sustainability and expect to establish benchmarks for knowledge service in Taiwan & APAC.

General Manager Yan Defen photo_edited.png

Felix Yen
Vice President

Yan Shufen-2_edited.png

​With experience and qualifications in international tourism and resort hotel marketing management, he is currently serving as the representative of the Guam Tourism Bureau Taiwan Office, responsible for promoting overseas travel to Guam, strategic planning and operation of related advertising plans, market communication, and interaction and maintenance of stakeholders.

His previous experience includes: intern reporter at China Television, cabin crew chief at China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines, public relations director and spokesperson for a listed group, director of the Honorary Consulate of Palau in China, marketing director for the Caesars Hotel chain, and responsible for global business marketing for the Public Safety Radio Communications Products Group.

Possess practical work experience in public relations crisis management, cross-industry resource integration, business negotiation, and overseas business development. Also a lecturer in the business administration and international etiquette industry

Tino Chen
 Vice President of Operations

  • Graduated from De Montfort University, UK, majoring in Corporate Governance & CSR

  • Graduated from the Institute of Cooperative Economics, Feng Chia University, Taiwan, with a dual master's degree.

We provide guidance to companies on writing CSR reports and CSR strategy planning, and combine resources such as I-D International Public Relations Services and other CSR solution units to provide companies with a full range of CSR services for overall strategy and execution. Every year, companies that receive CSR report guidance receive excellent awards and opportunities for annual CSR performance reviews, helping companies implement CSR in all operating departments and enhancing the sustainable value of Taiwanese companies.

He is also the person in charge of the CSRone platform.

Vice President of Operations - Background removed_edited.png

Paul Lin
Vice President

  • Graduated from National Sun Yat-sen University's Institute of Mainland China Studies

With more than 25 years of rich public relations experience, he is a member of the Public Relations Association of America (PRSA), the International Business Communication Association (IABC), and the International Public Relations Association of Taiwan (TIPRA). He is good at corporate public relations strategy, brand public relations strategy, CSR corporate social responsibility communication strategy, public affairs communication management, issue management, and crisis management. He has served as a public relations consultant for many world-renowned companies and non-profit organizations. He also served as a public relations lecturer at the Extension Education Center of Dayeh University and Shih Chien University, and the CEO of the Taipei Cultural Exploration Association. He also assisted in the promotion of the Water Flower Garden Organic Farmers Market and community-supported agriculture.

Photo-Lin Bohu_edited.png
Senior Director-Peter.png

Peter  Teng
Senior Director

Graduated from the Institute of Sociology of Soochow University, he has been engaged in public relations consulting services for more than 23 years and has extensive experience in high-tech industry communication strategies, crisis management, media communication and issue management.

We provide marketing and public relations consulting and advisory services on corporate brands and products/services to clients in the information and communications technology, real estate, self-driving car, public sector and start-up companies.

In addition, it took on the task of digital transformation of Yi De International, established project management and media disclosure analysis systems, and took the lead in the industry to assist companies in implementing mobile office. In 2015, it upgraded the project management system to the MPR public relations operation system, and introduced Microsoft 365 cloud services in 2018, allowing all operations of the company's colleagues to be completed in the cloud.

Richard Chen
Director/Head of APAC Business Strategy & Development

He holds a Master's degree in Management and Organizational Innovation from Queen Mary College, University of London and a Certificate in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge. While in the UK, he worked in the marketing and financial industries and has cross-disciplinary experience.

With over 7 years of experience in sustainable strategic planning, he has served clients including foreign and local companies in industries ranging from technology, finance, energy, healthcare to retail.

He has considerable practical experience in sustainability strategic planning, international sustainability trends, sustainability reporting, and providing a full range of sustainability services for corporate overall strategy and implementation. He has been invited to share his experience at large international sustainability forums, universities and colleges in Taiwan, and as a lecturer in sustainability management training courses.

Senior Director-Su Yongru.png

Madeline Su
Senior Director

Su Jiadi has more than 27 years of rich experience in public relations and marketing, covering catering, tourism, sports, as well as technology industries such as financial technology, e-commerce, semiconductors, and cybersecurity.

He has assisted many international brands and organizations such as Adobe, Apple, Arm, Coca Cola, Fintech Innovation Park, Green Dining Guide, Guam Tourism Bureau, HP, MSN and Trend Micro in public relations strategy planning, news topic development and media communication, crisis management, CSR event planning, social marketing and large-scale event design and execution in Taiwan.

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