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Collaborating with Internet Celebrity Illustrator 聞氫哥 for iRobot

Veda planned a collaboration between the leading robot vacuum brand iRobot and the internet celebrity illustrator "聞氫哥", inviting him to create a series of humorous comics and giveaway activities featuring iRobot's vacuum and mopping robots.

聞氫哥, with his trademark humorous style, vividly depicted the characteristics of iRobot's robot vacuum: intelligent, efficient, and clean. While resonating with witty pictures and text, he also conveyed the excellent performance of iRobot's products.

As online communities evolve rapidly with the rise of new operations like live streaming and internet celebrities,Veda's digital marketing team stays ahead of the curve. By facilitating the collaboration between iRobot and 聞氫哥, they aimed to create a win-win situation by reinforcing iRobot's brand leadership position while increasing Hydrogen Brother's exposure.


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