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A platform for sustainable information and consulting services


CSRone Sustainability Think Tank

Taiwan's first CSR / ESG sustainable communication and interaction platform, Sustainable Think Tank, is also the world's most complete Chinese sustainable information interaction platform.

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Continuing Consulting and Counseling Services

The consulting team integrates ESG international cutting-edge professional knowledge, negotiates with non-profit organizations, provides strategic consulting services, media topic planning, sustainability report writing and communication, CSR/ESG course training planning and CSR project activities, etc.

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Sustainability in Asia Pacific: Current Situation and Trends

Every year, we collect sustainability reports published in Taiwan and conduct in-depth investigations on sustainability trends in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope to provide stakeholders from all walks of life with a comprehensive overview of Taiwan's corporate sustainability practices.

Have you ever encountered the following problems


Responsible window

  • What is the current status of data submission?

  • Where is the previous historical data stored?

  • What GRI indicators do these data correspond to?

  • The data provided by various departments are in inconsistent formats, making it difficult to compile and compare data from previous years...


  • ESG reports need to be published every year. What are the cost-down tools?

  • Group subsidiaries also need to publish ESG reports. How can they pass on the parent company’s ESG/CSR experience?

  • How to manage the ESG and sustainable development knowledge and know-how accumulated over a long period of time?

Each unit department

  • Is there any data template I can refer to?

  • Is this data room under the charge of another department?

  • This information was not provided by me before, and the previous person in charge has already resigned...

But the real core of the problem is...

There is a lack of a cloud management platform to assist the window in tracking and confirming the progress of data submitted by various departments.
The lack of a common data storage location makes it difficult to publish reports, conduct third-party inspections, and conduct work handovers in subsequent years.
The lack of indicator data templates left departments with no reference, resulting in incomplete submitted data.
The lack of a systematic data management mechanism makes it impossible to effectively archive data and search for content.
There is no communication platform and the only way to communicate with each other is through email.


Cloud Management Platform

Through the platform, each department is assigned with its own indicator data, and they can respond and attach relevant documents online to keep track of the progress of data submission by each department at any time.


Indicator template reference

We collect various disclosure indicators from the top ESG reports in Taiwan, analyze and integrate them, and provide the most comprehensive indicator examples for reference.


Data management mechanism

Classify and manage data according to various indicators, departments, report chapters, etc. such as GRI, SASB, TCFD, TNFD, and properly archive and manage various data.


Online discussion forum

Each department can discuss various indicator data in the online discussion area to increase departmental interactivity and participation.

CSRone Sustainability Reporting Management System
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